Secret Sentiments Box…

Jan 23, 2009

Everyone loves a little surprise and that is just what the recipient of this secret box will get… a sweet little surprise. When the box is opened they will find a little heart with Hugs and Kisses awaiting.

Secret Sentiment Box

Supplies Needed:
Acrylic Paint – Rose Petal (Making Memories)
Acrylic Paint Dabber – Metallic Silver (Ranger)
Fine Silver Glass Glitter
Crystal Lacquer
Ledger Bookkeeper (Making Memories)
Chipboard Heart
Miniature Pink Flowers
Paper Mache Box 1.75″ W x 2.5″ L x 1.5″ H
Pink Sand Seam Binding ½” (Martha Stewart Crafts)

Tools Needed:
Bowl, Tray or Paper Plate (for glitter)
Decorative Scissors (Pinking)
Strong Liquid Glue
Off White Thread (optional)
Paint Brush
Sewing Machine (optional)
Spoon (for glitter)

1. Paint outer top and sides of Paper Mache Lid Silver, allow to dry
2. Paint underside of Paper Mache Lid as well as inner and outer portions of Paper Mache Box Rose Petal, allow to dry
3. Paint Chipboard Heart Silver
4. Cover top of Paper Mache Lid with a thin layer of Crystal Lacquer, while still wet hold lid over a bowl, tray or paper plate (I prefer a paper plate, once finished glittering, fold paper plate in half just a tad and pour glitter back into container, super easy clean up) apply Antique Silver Glass Glitter using a spoon, now apply Crystal Lacquer to one side of Paper Mache Lid, while still wet apply Antique Silver Glass Glitter, repeat steps until all sides of Paper Mache Lid are covered with Antique Silver Glass Glitter, set aside and allow to dry. (I placed the underside of my lid on top of a paint bottle so the sides would not touch and adhere)

Easy way to dry let lid dry

5. Cover top of Chipboard Heart with a thing layout of Crystal Lacquer, while still wet apply Antique Silver Glass Glitter as instructed above, allow to dry
6. Cut a 6 inch piece of ½” Pink Sand Seam Binding, wrap around the Millinery Flowers stem twice, double knot
7. Cut Ledger Bookkeeper patterned paper using Pinking decorative scissors to 1.5″ x 2.25″
8. Optional: Using a sewing machine, sew a straight stitch all around the edge of your paper rectangle, bend edges upward to give a distressed look

Machine Stitched Ledger Paper

9. Using a strong Liquid Glue, adhere paper rectangle to top of glittered lid
10. Using a strong Liquid Glue, adhere Miniature Pink Flower bunch on top of paper rectangle

Altered lid

11. Adhere glittered Chipboard Heart onto the inside bottom of Paper Mache Box

Surprise Inside

12. Adhere sentiment XOXO just underneath glittered Chipboard Heart place lid on top of box

Finished Box

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