Sweetheart Pocket…

Jan 28, 2009

This little sweetheart pocket will be fun to fill with either sweet treats or a little trinket of some kind for your sweetheart. I think I am going to fill mine with both and place a few pieces of chocolate and a little necklace inside for Terri’s Valentine’s Day surprise.

Sweetheart Pocket Sweetheart Pocket

Supplies Needed:
Cream Felt
Pink Felt
Cream Embroidery Floss
Light Pink Embroidery Floss
2 Pearl Buttons
8 Miniature Flowers
Brown & White Baker’s Twine
Pink Tulle
Chandelier Pieces

Heart Template

Tools Needed:
Decorative Scissors (Pinking)
Adhesive (Fabri-Tac)
Disappearing Ink Pen (Found in the fabric section)

1. Print Heart template, cut out
2. Using a disappearing Ink Pen trace 2 large hearts onto pink felt and 2 small hearts onto cream felt
3. Cut out using decorative scissors
4. Stitch a back stitch all along the inner edge of each cream heart using cream embroidery floss
5. Using a disappearing ink pen write L, v, e onto one cream felt heart (make sure to leave enough room for the button that will be your “O”)
6. Using pink embroidery floss back stitch over your letters
7. Adhere one mother of pear button for the “O” and 8 miniature pink flowers onto this heart
8. Adhere one mother of pearl button to the center of your other cream felt heart
9. Adhere cream hearts to pink hearts, you now have 2 finished hearts
10. Using Fabric Tac adhere these two hearts together. Keep adhesive as close to the edge as possible, make sure to not glue the top closed. You want to keep your pocket opening about 2″ wide.

Sweetheart Pocket Sweetheart Pocket

11. Cut Pink Tulle to approx. 10″ long, tie a knot in the center and attach each end to the inside of your pocket as close to the inside edge as possible.
12. Sew Chandelier piece onto the bottom point of your heart

Attached Chandelier Pieces

13. Create a small bow out of the pink tulle and attach to the bottom front portion of your heart
14. Create a small bow out of brown and white baker’s twine and attach to top of the pink tulle bow
15. Fill with goodies and enjoy

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