Chenille Feather Tree Ornament…

Jan 30, 2009

These little guys are so simple and fun to make. They look cute attached to treat bags, hung on a feather tree, placed onto garlands and wreaths as well as adorning the front of cards.

Feather Tree Ornament

Supplies Needed:
Red Chenille Bump Stems (Michaels, Hobby Lobby)
White Chenille Bump Stems (Michaels, Hobby Lobby)
Red or White Embroidery Floss
Silver Pipe Cleaners
Red Glass Glitter or Christmas Red Stickles
Iridescent Glitter or Diamond Stickles


Tools Needed:
Wire Cutters (To cut pipe cleaner)
Adhesive (Fabri Tac)
Elmer’s School Glue no run Gel

1. Cut one each Red and White Chenille Bump Stems in half
2. To form body hold bump stems side by side and twist together at the center making sure the same colors end up on the same side (although red on white and white on red is perfectly fine)
3. Thread embroidery floss through top of body, double knot, this will create the hanger
4. Bend up ends of stems to create hands and feet
5. Print valentine image template onto white heavy weight computer paper or cardstock, cut out the head, accent using Red Glass and Iridescent or Clear/Pearl Glitter or Christmas Red and Diamond Stickles
6. Adhere to top front of body using Fabri Tac
7. Cut silver pipe cleaner to 6”, twist to form heart at top, place in hand

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