Hand Stitching…

Jan 2, 2009 by

There is one project in this workshop that has some hand stitching. I thought maybe you all might like to practice the Back Stitch before the workshop. All of Primrose Design’s explanations are simple to understand and include great photos of each step. Make sure to notice on the side bar of her blog all the links to her Stitch School Posts… she is a wealth of stitching knowledge.

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Cute Valentine Swap Themes…

Jan 4, 2009 by

If you like to participate in creative swaps and want to start one with some of your friends here are a few Valentine themed swaps I found on 2Peas. You can search their gallery for additional swap ideas. These are just a few that came up rather quickly. I must say, I am really intrigued with this “inchie” theme… I love creating in a miniature format and will have to give these a try at a later date.

Valentine Advent Envelope Swap
Valentine Inchie Swap
Valentine Charm Swap
Valentine Tag Swap
Valentine ATC Swap

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All Hearts Wreath and other really cute projects…

Jan 8, 2009 by

Here is a really cute Valentine’s Day wreath that is pretty simple to make especially if you used these coasters and these glitters Fine Clear Glass Glitter and Medium Clear Glass Glitter. Collage Pauge is a great decoupage glue… it comes in Glossy, Matte and Sprarkle. I use it on lots of my projects.

Check out this cute little Mouse Valentine… oh does this ever have lots of different possibilities… so cute!

These would make a great hostess gift for a Valentine Luncheon with friends…

Have fun! And just one more week until the Workshop officially begins. I cannot wait to start sharing my projects, downloads and simple decorating ideas. Lots of behind the scenes work is going on right now.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

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Forget Me Nots ~ Petite Posies

Jan 17, 2009 by

I know some of you were having a hard time finding the forget me nots I used on the Altered Bird Project. Here is a link if you need/want to purchase the forget me nots. They are at a great price too I might add. One Hundred Wishes has beautiful items in stock… you have been warned.

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Surfing the net…

Jan 18, 2009 by

There is no supply list post today as you already have the list of products needed for this weeks projects. This being the case I thought I would surf the net to see what fun things I could find. Lets just say there are a LOT of Valentine projects out there. Below are just a few of my finds. Have fun looking.

Heart Candle Wreath

Keepsake Rose Hearts

Lovely Table Setting for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s Day Treats

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day Crafts and Decor

Entertaining Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Projects for Kids

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